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Count Keeper - Baseball and Softball score and count tracker app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 633 ratings )
Sports Entertainment
Developer: BigSprocket
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Dec 2009
App size: 1.55 Mb

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Need to keep track of the score and the count at baseball and softball games? Count Keeper does the trick. A much fancier version of the counter the umpire keeps in his hand during the game, Count Keeper allows you to track balls, strikes and outs as well as the current score.

Four custom themes are included: Fenway Parks Green Monster, Wrigley Fields scoreboard, and for the Star Trek fan, theres even an LCARS theme. The Fenway theme includes a simplified version that only counts score and outs for when you dont need to track the full count.

Check the screenshots to see the themes in action.

● Track as much or as little of the scoreboard information as you want.
● Highly stylized themes simulate real-world scoreboards
● Star Trek fans rejoice! Theres an LCARS theme, complete with LCARS sounds.
● Button presses use optional sound
● "Shake" to go to the next batter (reset balls and strikes to zero)

Count Keeper was developed by softball parents with a desire to continually improve it. If there are features youd like to see, please let us know!

Latest reviews of Count Keeper - Baseball and Softball score and count tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Works but not worth the $.99
Dont make any mistakes. Only thing you can do is restart a new game. Need a way to edit.
Good potential...BUT
Easy to use✅ Able to make corrections? Nope!(entered ball vs strike, goofed on innings when I had to keep starting over...see below)❌ My biggest gripe is that I kept getting kicked out and had to start over. ❌ My hubs was texting me for updates during the first I was able to toggle between with no problem. Eventually I kept getting kicked out of the app ...after 4 times I gave up. Could be probs associated with recent iPhone update. Dont buy until its fixed!
Nice. Needs improvement.
I was looking for a simple scoreboard for my sons baseball games. Good score keepers are hard to find in Little League Games. It is frustrating to see the count never right. However… Needs some improvements… 1. The visiting team ALWAYS bats first. Why ask at the beginning? 2. Since visitors bat first they should be on the TOP of the scoreboard. 3. Can you make the home and visitor labels customizable (put the team names in it)? 4. Star Trek? Come on… "Now…up to bat…where no man has gone before…Captain Kirk!!!!" Just not right guys… 5. Fix 1 & 2, get four stars. Fix all three, get all five. Ill let #4 slide for creativity.
Home Run...
First, Star Trek had references about Baseball in many many story lines, so anyone who ever watched Star Trek will find that funny... And anyone who didnt ever watch Star Trek, oh well. But what I really wanted to comment is that the designers should add "umpire" to the search program. I was looking for a tool to assist umpire training and almost didnt find this ap. I just also happened to be looking for a scoring tool and found this great ap.
Great App
Went to my daughters first softball game today and there was no scoreboard and wanted a way to track the score myself, instead of pestering the official bookkeeper. I downloaded the app just before the game began and loved it. Unfortunately, it was a double-header and my battery did not make it all the way through the second game. But, then again, I didnt start with a fully charged battery either...who knew I would be keeping score with my iPhone. One of the girls asked if I was keeping score on my phone and I said, "Of course...theres an app for that!" Thanks!
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