Count Keeper - Baseball and Softball score and count tracker App Reviews

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Works but not worth the $.99

Dont make any mistakes. Only thing you can do is restart a new game. Need a way to edit.

Good potential...BUT

Easy to use✅ Able to make corrections? Nope!(entered ball vs strike, goofed on innings when I had to keep starting over...see below)❌ My biggest gripe is that I kept getting kicked out and had to start over. ❌ My hubs was texting me for updates during the first I was able to toggle between with no problem. Eventually I kept getting kicked out of the app ...after 4 times I gave up. Could be probs associated with recent iPhone update. Dont buy until its fixed!

Nice. Needs improvement.

I was looking for a simple scoreboard for my sons baseball games. Good score keepers are hard to find in Little League Games. It is frustrating to see the count never right. However… Needs some improvements… 1. The visiting team ALWAYS bats first. Why ask at the beginning? 2. Since visitors bat first they should be on the TOP of the scoreboard. 3. Can you make the home and visitor labels customizable (put the team names in it)? 4. Star Trek? Come on… "Now…up to bat…where no man has gone before…Captain Kirk!!!!" Just not right guys… 5. Fix 1 & 2, get four stars. Fix all three, get all five. Ill let #4 slide for creativity.

Home Run...

First, Star Trek had references about Baseball in many many story lines, so anyone who ever watched Star Trek will find that funny... And anyone who didnt ever watch Star Trek, oh well. But what I really wanted to comment is that the designers should add "umpire" to the search program. I was looking for a tool to assist umpire training and almost didnt find this ap. I just also happened to be looking for a scoring tool and found this great ap.

Great App

Went to my daughters first softball game today and there was no scoreboard and wanted a way to track the score myself, instead of pestering the official bookkeeper. I downloaded the app just before the game began and loved it. Unfortunately, it was a double-header and my battery did not make it all the way through the second game. But, then again, I didnt start with a fully charged battery either...who knew I would be keeping score with my iPhone. One of the girls asked if I was keeping score on my phone and I said, "Of course...theres an app for that!" Thanks!

Excellent App - Easy to use and does the job

I watch a lot of fastpitch softball. My daughter plays on a very talented, nationally-rated team. We spend about 3 weekends a month at tournaments and thats not counting High School fastpitch. I am constantly frustrated by broken, or unused, or non-existent scoreboards. Or, scoreboard operators who are poorly trained or dont pay attention. Based on all the above, the odds of having a reliable scoreboards at fastpitch tournaments are slim to none. I hate to hassle my wife or other fans. Definitely dont want to distract the scorekeeper. Clearly, the coaches or umpires dont need my interruptions to confirm number of outs, strike count, score, etc. This app was an excellent solution. It even helps me maintain focus, so I can keep my little scoreboard current. It is not too complex - just the right info to know what is going on from one moment to the next. My only suggestion is that they add a game timer. A lot of tournaments time some or all of the games and apply the time in one way or another. If is very common to hear fans asking how much time is remaining. I would recommend an editable countdown timer that allows the user to enter a pre-determined length of time that is remembered from one game to the next. Then a button that starts the countdown. Oh, I would also appreciate a button that allows me to deliver an electric shock to the umpire when he makes a bad call.

Good App, could use minor tweaking

A good app, it does its job. However, I would like to see this app make some sort of acknowledgement of the game being over, rather then allowing you to continue after the game is finished. Granted you should know the game is over, however, it would be nice for the app to realize the game is over as well. It would also be nice to able to hit the strike button with 2 strikes and have it register an out, or hit a ball with 3 balls and have it clear the count.

It works, but seriously needs an update

Three problems keep Count Keeper from getting a higher rating. 1. Count Keeper asks which team bats first but then always puts Home first on the scoreboard. The team batting first should be at the top. 2. It would be nice to be able to enter the actual team names instead of just showing Home and Visitor. 3. This is the big one. Count Keeper needs to be updated for iOS4. It sometimes resets when switching to another app and back. It needs to support Retina Display, too. Actually, all Big Sprocket apps need to be updated for iOS4. The last update for any of their apps (as well the latest dated news on the web site) was in April. Is anyone still there? ------------- Count Keeper does what it claims to do, with limitations. I dont recommend buying it, though, until theres some sign of life at Big Sprocket.

Good but..

It keeps saying the sounds are on, but I dont hear anything with the volume at full max. Please sounds and more functions.


It clearly shows on these sample pictures that you have an option to forward your score results in the form of an email or text . That is why I purchased this app . The forward button on the far left bottom doesnt do anything! You need to either change this or give me my $ back ! Deceiving

Just needs an ability added

Awesome app! Despite what the screenshots show, this app will not email the count. Please put in the ability to email the count. Thanks!

Almost perfect

I mixed up apps in the last review I wrote. I thought I had bought another app that allowed for the team names to be entered. This seems to be just what I was looking for - a basic run/outs counter. I looked at many apps and picked this one for its simplicity. I really wanted one that allows for the team names to be entered. That would be a great addition here. Another great feature would be the ability to post final results straight to Facebook.

So so

The app would be good if it did not reset when I go back to the app. Sometimes even when my phone screen is off. It gets to be useless when that happens.

Resets by itself- not good!

This ap is a huge disappointment. It resets by itself if you have to do anything else with your phone. My husbands free ap works much better.

PE Teacher

OMG! This APP made my day today at school. I have been carrying a clipboard and pencil to keep score until now. This APP is AMAZING!!!! It made officiating and scorekeeping so much easier. The only thing I could suggest is to possibly add a timer to this app. Thank you for making this add!

Count keeper

This is total junk DO NOT WASTE APP SPACE. Zero stars if possible.

Not worth it

App does not save when closed.

Resets when switching between apps

No way can I be on one app for the length of a whole ball game without switching to something else periodically. If you cant fix this the app is a total waste of my dollar and I want it back.

Great app, but sometimes crashes

Wonderful app for tracking the score, but occasionally it will crash. This is really annoying in the middle of a game.


Crashes way too often. Easy to use, good interface but unreliable.

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